Build social community, increase brand awareness, boost brand engagement and drive new business avenues.


Today, social media proliferates faster than traditional business tools and we help our customers to adopt social media strategies to market products, promote brands, connect to
current customers and prospects to foster new business.

Social touch is becoming de facto marketing tool, to establish marketing communication as a way of experience to connect with customers, employees and society, and new channel to generate reviews and revenues.

For increased presence through online communication channels dedicated to community based input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration, businesses need to connect with larger mass to make your brand visible on online tools.



Social media marketing (SMM): We help our customers taking advantage of social networking to promote their brand exposure and increased customer reach. Through our focused approach, we help our customer create content that is compelling enough to attract more views and share it with their social networks.

Our Social Media experts helps our customers establish online presence on forums, micro blogging, social networking , social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis that are among the different types of social media tools. We analyse your business and expected outcome of social media to select social media channels, plan campaigns and advertisements and monitor them on effectiveness and results.

Social media marketing starts initially with formulating winning social media strategy, that includes:

  • Increase brand awareness through posts, shares, retweets

  • Drive traffic to your website through content marketing and SEO strategy to referral traffic and clicks on your social media posts

  • Generate new leads and increase revenue vide social leads, campaign management

  • Boost brand engagement vide likes, comments

  • Build a social community as number of participants and followers to your profile

  • Social listening as suggestions, feedback from customers

  • Increase revenue Drive Social Media Strategy – paid, owned and earned

Social Media Analytics: Helping our customers to analyse the data that help them to determine customer feedback, customer acquisition, customer interest and customer buying patterns in given scenarios.


Why SourceEdge?


Our Social
Media Experts

Our Social Media Experts

Our social branding team can help you to put our deep insight, experience on the subject to work for you so that you can build a business by social touch and start seeing tangible results.

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