About Us

Proven track record in technology solutions and offshore outsourcing since 2004.

Empower your business with our custom-made solutions

SourceEdge Software is an IT Outsourcing Company, headquartered in Bangalore, is at the cutting edge, at the golden horizon of the IT industry. The combined experience of our two founders rises into decades, a towering mountain that is marked with such state-of-the-art technology as IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain, AR & VR, uniquely made for business excellence and sustenance.

With our experience and the knowledge that expertise gives, we knew the trends that would come years later, way back when we began in 2004. We knew that the future in the field would be AI & ML, AR & VR, IoT, Blockchain Technology, Data Science and Augmented Analytics. This expertise and this ability to anticipate and prepare for the future is our forte. We invite you to share it with us. And you will be the company some of the bellwethers of the world because we are a Microsoft Certified Partner in Bangalore. Keeping our customers au courant of market trends, and even ahead of them, we have solutions for what current business demands— Industry 4.0 Solutions such as Enterprise Solutions, DevOps, IT Outsourcing, Mobility—you name it we produce it before you with as we are the disruptive technology enablers. With Microsoft Dynamics partner in India on our side, we have many Indian IT companies reaching out to us and many MNC outsourcing IT services to us.

Company Founded: 2004
Quality Certification: ISO 27001:2013
World Wide Clients: 200+
Consultants: 20+
Worldwide Offices: 5
E-Mail (SALES): contact@sourceedge.com
Headquarters: # 759, Sree Gururaya Mansion, 8th Main Road, J.P Nagar 3rd Phase, Bangalore - 560078. INDIA
Locations: India, USA, UK & Australia
Contact: +91 080 40720500

Empower your business with our custom-made solutions

We began as a tiny six-member workforce in 2004 and have evolved into a multi-branch organisation. We, two of the co-founders of SourceEdge, were beginning our careers at the same age company, a time at which the software industry was still very young and new in India, and the US was the place to be. We decided that since it was Indian talent that powered the US Silicon Valley, we could catch this talent here itself in India, and outsource it. Thus we put ourselves in a position to bring the best services to the doorstep of Indian businesses. 

We had the advantage of the best talent with the unbeatable edge of the most competitive price in the world. We joined our abilities and energies together that took shape as the SourceEdge. It is now a win-win situation for all concerned at SourceEdge—Indian talent, Indian businesses. Indeed, it would be difficult, not to say impossible, to find a more ideal situation—and that too at your doorstep.

Welcome to our rounded, global, glocal world

We also work with equal dedication for all companies who come to us—the tiny, the small and medium businesses or the giants in any field. We have tailor-made solutions, and cut and craft solutions fit to our customers business needs. We provide customized solutions to our customers, so that their requirements are seamlessly fulfilled by our services and solutions. From the most basic System Integration to the highest Data Sciences to Artificial Intelligence to Cloud Services to IoT to Blockchain technology, we have solutions for you, with an edge over other companies. 

Our work has begun to pay off when the leaders of the IT world agreed to work with us. As we worked, our understanding of business needs widened and became more comprehensive. We are now able to produce powerful and integrated solutions so you can focus on success while we prepare the launch-pad and power your growth into higher spheres. After all, if we are living in a globalised world, we needed well-rounded solutions.

We have branches in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, the UK, Qatar and Africa, we can truly claim that the sun never sets on our work and our vision is always clear and focused.

Our Mission

To deliver the required business solutions that integrate People, Processes and emerging Technology to help our customer achieve the optimal business benefits of a collaborative enterprise—all this at very affordable prices.

Together, We Conquer New Horizons

Our VisIon

To be the competent and complete value added technology partner to our customer; and provide the best possible solutions that Information Technology can offer, and ensure an enduring niche for our customer.

Our Métier


We offer you all our expertise unstintingly and thoroughly, which is reflected on your ROI and many times more. Carefully built to customise the services and solutions for you, we give you near fail-proof solutions for your requirements.


We assure that there never is a compromise on the quality of our services. Our services are based on understanding you, your company, and the market. This is our offer and the performance to match; to as our solutions are tailor-made for you have in hand the best quality that you need.

Our values & principles


We are always on the leads with our new ideas and unconventional solutions. We offer you more than you can ever expect or dream of through our robust as well as innovatory approach to business. In the pursuit of your success, we have tried our best to give you an edge over others.


Committed to our work and your satisfaction, nothing is too laborious or too much for us. We will go the extra mile to get you success. It is our way of forming a long term relationship with our customers. Delivering our products on time and to your satisfaction are the aims we swear by and a higher ROI.

Why should you partner with us? – At SourceEdge, we work by example.

At SourceEdge Software, we welcome the opportunities and challenges that the market provides. And this is what is primary for us—the success of our clients, and we know that everything else will come to us as if by gravity. Yes, we have the pull. This power originates from our close knowledge of our clients’ needs. For us, they are people first who have aims and ambitions. Making them realise these by addressing them at a personal & professional level is what gives us the edge, the SourceEdge, where everyone’s work is valued and treasured as contributing to the final glory and success of our clients.

We do not claim that we are the best; but we say we stand apart by offering our customers individual attention. We know each of our clients by their first name and provide them access to all our team members – whether he is a developer or the CEO.

  • We are accredited with ISO 27001:2013 certification 
  • We are a renowned Microsoft Gold Partner, since 2008
  • We have created 12 successful products that our customers made impact to connect over 1 million users globally
  • We have worked with over 300 customers since our inception in 2004, saving 3 million man hours in our customers businesses 
  • We have worked with customers, partners across five continents to enrich our experience on global outsourcing and service excellence 
  • We are a global outsourcing hub with global foot prints to serve clients with the best of both the worlds
  • We have offices in two countries with eight representatives all over the world
  • We are presently situated in a robust infrastructure to support 24x7x365 operations with capacity of 200+ professionals in the beautiful city of Bangalore, India
  • We have a fair treatment and work environment that has resulted in over 85% retention rate



SourceEdge have provided a valued service in helping Globalsoft lay foundations in India. Their flexible infrastructure solutions and their knowledgeable advice on local market practices have allowed us to stay focused on our business and its growth.

Vivek Ramakrishna

Impressed with the services

We have been using ‘SpeedFreight’ solution implemented by SourceEdge since 2007. We are impressed on solution features for it’s ease of use, simple and quick to operate, does meet all our business needs to manage operations, financial accounting, customer relationship, goods tracking, warehouse storage and trans-shipment. We could control cost, manage cash-flow and increase profitability every year.

Tarun Shah

AgriSys ERP – complete software

We chose SourceEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products. It is a complete software which has most of the modules required for Seed industry.

Deepinder Singh