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BA Studio

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Traditionally, IT teams have always been marred by a constant struggle to build and deploy business applications in time to meet the business requirements of the company. At SourceEdge, our team has built Business Application Studio, a platform that takes care of your complete life-cycle of business application needs. Our rapid application development framework, cutting-edge RAD tool, code automation tool and fast development RAD framework has helped reduce the end-to-end timeframe, resources and cost of processes to a fraction of what it used to be.

If your business has been struggling to cope with the constant need to build and deploy new business applications, then it is time you consider using Business Application Studio. Our latest software automation development tool for enterprise applications solves all the deployment hassles so frequently faced in day-to-day business practices.

To know more download BA Studio brochure.

The solution for on-time Business Application Deployment

Some of the features included in our all-in-one business application platform are:

  • Visual IDE
  • Silverlight 4 Framework
  • Database
  • BPM & Workflow
  • Deployment
  • Version Control
  • Refactoring
  • Optimized Code

All-In-One Application

Our platform, with its model-driven development framework, has proved useful for various medium and large-scale enterprises that have vouched for the following aspects of the product:

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Access Control
  • Change Management
  • Security

Most importantly, our product has been built with a strong focus on maximising productivity and customer satisfaction. BA Studio has an inbuilt model that facilitates both the person who’s configuring the application and the end user to perform tasks simultaneously. This enables IT teams to model, develop and deploy SOA grade framework enterprise applications for both web environment and desktop is no time.  

Now IT Managers can focus on strategic and business improvements to the technical process for the company, rather than wasting valuable time and resources on executional  tasks that tend to take up a maximum of the productive hours. If you are looking out to outsource business application services to Bangalore, India, we at SourceEdge can help you out.