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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Authentic and Natural Growth


Leverage AI & ML for Digital Adoption for Unparalleled Business Growth & Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are helping businesses drive growth and efficiency adding new dimensions to the traditional means of production. Machine Learning has enabled computers are able to replicate the natural intelligence of humans, enabling them to perform complex functions like learning, reasoning and self-correction with fewer errors and greater efficiency. Activities like speech recognition, natural language processing, automated sales processes, fraud detection, chatbots and personal assistants are all possible because of deep learning, AI and ML technologies. To get the best of these force-multipliers, you need to approach the best in the field. You need the edge over your rivals to take you over the line. We offer you exactly that.

SourceEdge is a top AI and ML Consulting company that is building powerful technologies for business transformation. As one of the top Artificial Intelligence companies in Bangalore, India, with the best AI, ML and NLP experts on board, we are helping fulfil the need for AI applications and Machine Vision Applications in diverse industries; from healthcare, e-commerce, telecom and banking to fashion and manufacturing. 

The Full-stack AI & ML Solutions Provider for Your Business

AI & ML Consultation

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business and synergise your business operations with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, SourceEdge is the best company to partner with if you are planning to offshore AI &ML services to India.

AI & ML Solutions Development

As one of the top AI & ML companies in India, we have helped develop AI and ML projects catering to individual client needs, an unbeatable expertise and experience at your command.

AI & ML Application Integration

From building neural networks to deep learning and computer vision and machine vision applications, we build AI and ML solutions for your business to witness on-ground enhancement in daily business processes that can seamlessly integrate with existing business applications for enhanced digital automation.

Why Partner with Us?

If you are looking to join the new bandwagon of top AI Powered Enterprises in India then Partner with SourceEdge for AI ML solutions development. SourceEdge is the best AI Consulting and Development Company that is empowering small, large and enterprise companies with the fuel of AI and ML by harnessing the power of information on Data Science. At SourceEdge, we give you the edge over your rivals with cutting-edge expertise and experience.



SourceEdge have provided a valued service in helping Globalsoft lay foundations in India. Their flexible infrastructure solutions and their knowledgeable advice on local market practices have allowed us to stay focused on our business and its growth.

Vivek Ramakrishna

Impressed with the services

We have been using ‘SpeedFreight’ solution implemented by SourceEdge since 2007. We are impressed on solution features for it’s ease of use, simple and quick to operate, does meet all our business needs to manage operations, financial accounting, customer relationship, goods tracking, warehouse storage and trans-shipment. We could control cost, manage cash-flow and increase profitability every year.

Tarun Shah

AgriSys ERP – complete software

We chose SourceEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products. It is a complete software which has most of the modules required for Seed industry.

Deepinder Singh