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Does your Business Need an ERP? Consider Microsoft Dynamics

If you are the CEO of a mid-size company, the following situation must be all too familiar to you:

You have a footprint in multiple locations – your sales headquarters are distributed within a country, or you have manufacturing plants in different geographical regions. While you are happy about the rapid expansion to multiple sites, you are equally daunted by the operational challenges it brings. Inventory transactions become more complex, bottlenecks emerge in the supply chain, strategic decisions get delayed due to lack of visibility across all operations and sometimes it gets increasingly difficult to deal with multiple languages and currencies. Eventually, you end up losing sleep over these issues. Well, this is where an ERP solution comes in!

An ERP is at the heart of a profitable organization’s business strategy. It is a comprehensive cloud based solution that integrates all the mission critical processes of your business – Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management. If you want to gain a real time 360 degree view of all aspects of your business anytime anywhere, then an ERP is the answer to all your problems. But the real questions is – how do you determine the right ERP for your operational and software needs? This is where we can guide you to make an informed choice.

A Compelling Case For Microsoft Dynamics

While there are many ERP solutions in the market – the three big names being Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, we think Microsoft Dynamics is best suited to the software and operational needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

And no, we are not saying this because we are a Microsoft Business Partner. We are saying it because clients like you consider it their first choice of ERP after having tested it for years. Microsoft Dynamics has 5 primary products – AX, GP, NAV, SL and C5. While NAV is best suited for SMEs, AX is better for enterprises. Given the range of features that these products offer – In almost all cases, one among these suite of products turn out to be the right ERP for a company – irrespective of its size or nature of business.

Anyway, it is advisable that you do not fall for any kind of sales pitch. We recommend that you see the evidence and go by your own gut. Following are some of the reasons that make Microsoft Dynamics an excellent choice:

  • Seamless Integration with other Microsoft Programs – Like most other small and medium sized businesses, if your company also uses Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) for everyday purposes, then you’re in luck because Microsoft Dynamics works seamlessly with these products and allows for easy transfer of information.
  • Low cost of implementation – Microsoft Dynamics has the lowest cost of implementation compared to SAP and Oracle ERP solutions. Oh and that’s not all. Microsoft Dynamics can be deployed in the shortest time frame possible because more or less all business are familiar with Microsoft products. This means – no steep learning curve. You can get started immediately after deployment.
  • Facilitates Intelligent Decision Making – While today’s ERPs make it easy to collect data, not all of them can help you interpret and make sense of that data. But with Microsoft Dynamics and its built in Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine, you can translate the numbers into actionable data.
  • World Class User Experience – We have seen companies drop their ERPs because of the clunky and outdated user experience it provides. More often than not, they are difficult to navigate and employees find it extremely time consuming to figure things out. But if you choose Microsoft Dynamics, there will be no such thing as a bad UX. It combines Windows 8 and HTML5 to create a light, modern experience that makes it simple for teams to collaborate and share on.

Your Search for an ERP Partner Ends Here

Stepping into the world of ERP solutions usually begins with a hunt for a platform provider with the right technology to get your ERP needs off the ground quickly, efficiently and effectively. However, it’s critical to know that the solution provider you select should be much more than the platform itself.

Most companies have no prior experience with deployment of high performing cloud based ERPs and this is when an experienced vendor can provide you with the necessary hand-holding and guidance you may need in your initial days.

Microsoft Business partners demonstrate a high level of training, experience, resources and technical ability, backed up by formal qualifications and accreditations from Microsoft. No organisation is allowed to implement these products on behalf of Microsoft unless they have the correct and proven skills to do so.

Some of you may be of the opinion that you can figure out the implementation by reading the documentation online but we feel that choosing a right vendor can help you exploit your ERP to its full potential.

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