Your company maybe making products, selling services or moving merchandise from one location to another. Regardless of the nature of your company, you need to depend on your employees. Your staff, in turn, needs dependable tools to manage critical business processes. At times, companies struggle to grow because they do not have efficient tools to increase the productivity of their employees.

As you grow in scale and complexity, your employees need more than simple book keeping, basic Excel based reporting and inventory management. Your business needs a complete business solution which is scalable and can take advantage of the latest in technology. Your systems need to be able to adapt to mobility, cloud computing, and social connectivity.

If your business has reached that stage, then you should evaluate different business management or ERP systems to help your company grow. But, how do you decide which solution to go for?

Important questions during your evaluation process

1. Is the system easy to learn and use?

  • Each new system will involve a learning curve for your employees. You should select a system which provides a simple and intuitive user experience.
  • The system should integrate and connect with your supply chain, operations, finance and calendaring. You don’t want your employees to use disparate systems to do their work as that will hamper their productivity.

2. Is the system flexible enough to work with different deployment options?

  • Even if you are not planning to move to the cloud immediately, you might have to do so in the next 6-12 months. Is the new system flexible enough to cater to this?

3. Is the system capable of working on the latest mobile devices?

  • Your employees might work on desktops in the office and may use mobile devices while traveling. Is the new system capable of addressing these needs?

4. Will the system simplify your business processes?

  • Disparate systems lead to delays in execution. Such delays can result in loss of business. Will your new system simplify your business processes? Will repetitive tasks be automated and streamlined?

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If you are looking for a flexible ERP solution which meets the above evaluation criteria, then look no further than Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a comprehensive ERP suite perfect for businesses in the retail, manufacturing, distribution and professional services industries.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used for businesses whose unique requirements change frequently. It is highly customizable. This means that other industries apart from the above 4 can also use it in a seamless manner with a bit of customization.

The main capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are

  • Project Management
    For creating estimates, tracking projects, and managing capacity
  • Financial Management & Accounting
    For managing cash, budgets, asset and banking transactions
  • Manufacturing, Operations, and Supply Chain
    For tracking and managing inventory, production, orders as well as for vendor management
  • Sales & Service
    For contact management, sales prospecting and opportunities and service contracts
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    To help you get a comprehensive view of various areas of your business
  • Flexible deployment model
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be deployed either on-premise or alternately in the cloud
  • Integration with Microsoft Office tools
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV works seamlessly with Word, Excel, and Outlook. As a result, the training period for your employees is minimal
  • Mobile Friendly
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to work in a consistent manner across Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. Your employees will get a consistent user experience across their desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you

  • Increase Margins
    Maximize your profitability and productivity due to the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Using it will assist in ensuring that your employees, systems, and processes work seamlessly.
  • Reduce your sales cycle
    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can reduce your sales cycle by ensuring your employees use the prospecting tools available and track progress inside the system.
  • Drive Growth
    You can drive growth faster due to increased productivity, sales, and better service levels.
  • Get better control
    Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensures that the correct decisions are made by the appropriate people in your business.

The SourceEdge Advantage

SourceEdge is a Microsoft Business Partner and can help you with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals have many years of cumulative experience which will ensure that the implementation is hassle free. If you select SourceEdge for your implementation, we will provide you with strategic guidance at all stages. We are experts in functional requirement mapping, pre-implementation and post-implementation support.

Grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV using our assistance to transform the way you work.