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Data Lake Analytics is a demand-based data analytics service which helps in simplifying the process of data analytics. Instead of focusing on the operating distributed infrastructure, one can focus on managing and running the jobs. Queries are used to transform the information and derive useful insights instead of deploying, configuring, and making changes to the hardware. Azure data lake analytics helps you analyze data sets of any size, accelerate development and debug cycles, and pay only for the processing resources which you actually need and use.

Key Features of Azure Data Lake Analytics

This service supports the Azure Active Directory which allows you to manage roles and access which is seamlessly integrated with the organization’s identity system. It incorporates the U-SQL language which is known for its distributed runtime which is easily scalable and helps in efficiently analyzing the data across the SQL servers. Some of the key features of data lake analytics are listed here:

  • Familiar Tools

Data Lake Analytics has been seamlessly integrated with Visual Studio, hence you can use the accustomed tools to debug, execute, and fine-tune your code. The visualizations can help you see the code execute at any scale and identify the performance issues and optimize it suitably.

  • Optimized to Work with Azure Data

Information Lake Analytics is highly fine-tuned to work with the Azure Data Lake. This helps in achieving the highest output and performance for large amounts of big data. It also works with Azure SQL database and Azure Blob storage.

  • Easily Scalable

This analytics service is built for easy scalability and performance. It provisions the resources on its own and allows the user to perform analytics to large amounts of data. It reduces the number of resources on its own after the job is completed and you are expected to pay only for the used processing power.

  • Cost-effective Solution

This type of analytics is one of the most cost-effective solutions for running humongous amounts of big data. There is no need for any kind of hardware, service-specific agreements, or any licenses which reduces the costs even more. The system scales up or down the resources automatically depending on the requirements.

  • Integration with IT Investments

Data Lake Analytics seamlessly integrates with all your existing IT resources for management, identity, data warehousing, security, etc. This simplifies the entire process, data governance, and helps in extending the current applications.

  • U-SQL: Simple and Powerful

Being the extension of SQL, U-SQL is a simple but powerful query language which uses C# to its benefit. This language is built with the same runtime powers which run the huge systems inside Microsoft. Developers are able to analyze the huge amounts of data with their existing skills using this powerful language.

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