Founding a successful startup is the dream of many people today – from the underpaid coder slaving away after office hours, to the shopkeeper who thinks he’s found the solution to a common problem that’s invisible to everyone else. They all want to become the next Unicorn but the road to innovation can be tough.

Well, many people have a great idea but not everybody has access to the necessary technical expertise or valuable personal connections within the industry. Unless you have access to huge amounts of funding, are already a recognizable name in some business or can otherwise lay claim to being the next Jobs or Zuckerberg, there are numerous hurdles to scale, and failing at any of these pain points can mean the end of your dream.

We believe that startups bring with them a disruptive power, an ability to reimagine products and services and the willingness to improve the lives of people. This kind of lateral thinking is often missing in mature companies and that is why it becomes more important than ever for corporations to incubate startups.

For this reason, startups need all the assistance they can get, ranging from simple business advice to product development expertise to funding. Preco, a brand new startup offering innovative printing solutions, is one of those dreams that SourceEdge helped realize. Instead of just focusing on developing products for other product companies, SourceEdge decided to incubate Preco and get their idea off the ground. We knew that their idea has the potential to be a game changing innovation; they only lacked a fertile ground. And we provided them with that ground.

We lent our business and technical expertise to Preco during the difficult stages of establishing themselves as a market player. We engineered their app and helped them through the entire product lifecycle – from idea to execution. Unlike some startups, which bet the farm and future on a single solution aimed at only a particular market segment, Preco Smart Solutions are already in advanced development of several offerings, all of which have the potential to be successful.

One such product is an automated printing booth which may be installed in educational facilities, airports, hotels and wherever people may need hardcopies without having access to a quality printer. This system requires no human attendant and interfaces directly with the client’s mobile device: there’s no need for a USB storage device, no clunky user interface, nor does the machine require cash or bank cards to be used.

Additionally, Preco will offer functionality such as converting any printer, anywhere into a wi-fi accessible device – a user may use their app to scan a document from a remote location and print it out in the office or at home. Assisting users with creating custom 3D designs, which can be delivered in physical form within a day, offers an additional revenue stream. Because of their unique innovation, they have been named as one of the top 30 (out of more than 700) startups at the Amrita 2017 pitch festival.

SourceEdge has helped Preco Smart Solutions has cover a lot of ground within a relatively short span of time. IT has also offered us a variety of insights into how we can help incubate startups and create stable companies with long-term viability. We enjoy challenges and welcome all opportunities to incubate and partner with innovative and hungry startups. If you have an idea and are struggling to realize it, our expert team comprising of technology, entrepreneurial and marketing stalwarts are always available be your mentors and help your startup grow.