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The speed at which technology is advancing can seem to be overwhelming sometimes. Blink and you can miss it! In order to stay relevant in this fast-paced world, it is important that every organization is updated with the latest trends in the field of technology and constantly updates its services and technologies to stay ahead of their competitors. To make things easy for the organization, we have listed down the top technology trends which will reign supreme in the coming year and even beyond.

SourceEdge’s Top Tech Trends for 2018 and Beyond

With the innovation in technology taking giant leaps and bounds in this century, the world is moving towards a digitally enabled network of not only people but also services and things around us. We have listed some of the key trends in the tech world which will rule the roost in the coming year and beyond:

  • Intelligent Machines Will Flourish

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have been around for some time now and this trend will continue to flourish in the coming year. More and more companies are starting to use more advanced algorithms such as deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks, etc. and it is evident that this technology will rapidly evolve in the coming future.

  • Cloud Platforms Will Reign

The cloud technology is evolved as one of the most secure, innovative, and highly efficient business technologies of this era. This technology not only helps you to scale the business rapidly but also helps you in using the enterprise resources more efficiently. In 2018, the pace at which companies will embrace the cloud will certainly be higher than the previous years.

  • Cyber Security Will Go Next Level

As the number of devices and technologies increase around us, the cyber threats increase too. With the majority of our data in the devices and the cloud, the threat to our information is real. Adaptive security architectures will be used by more number of organizations and this will help take the cyber security systems to the next level.

  • Blockchain Technology Will Rule the Roost

The Blockchain is one of the rapidly upcoming technologies which is being used mainly for value exchange transactions across the globe. Bitcoin is one of the main examples of this technology. Being able to transfer information faster than any other means, Blockchain is being used by more and more companies. Blockchain apps are being developed and tested and will be mainly used in the field of finance and healthcare.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Fascinate Us

2018 will see a massive increase in the number of AR and VR tools being used across the globe. Both these technologies continue to evolve and will leave us astonished with its capabilities in the coming years. Devices such as Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft’s HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc. have been in the market for some time now, but more and more companies will soon launch their own devices in the coming year.

  • App Usage Will Sky Rocket

The number of smartphone users has multiplied manifold in the past decade and hence the development of apps is bound to skyrocket in 2018 as well. This is a great time for businesses to capture this opportunity and expand their reach among their customers globally. It is expected to see mobile apps which will be advanced in many ways and providing the user with the best experience.

  • Visual and Voice Search Will Be Popular

Voice-based search queries are found to be one of the fastest growing search types on the mobile and this trend is bound to grow in the future. Mobile browsers and mobile apps are gradually moving towards visual and voice-based searches and it is expected that more and more companies will design their websites and applications using this technology in the coming future.

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